True Ambition

This was a shoot i did for some company ( no names required )that tried bringing this brand of kicks into the country. They’re called True Ambition. They’re pretty kool sneakers and i thought they would do well. So this was gonna be part of their campaign to market the product. The idea was based on the recession and people having to achieve their dreams through lay-byes because they couldn’t afford them. So we decided to have certain personalities careers inside a shop window and they would pass by onthe regular to check up on their dreams. We had my boy Scoop aka Siyabonga Ngwekazi ( tv and radio presenter ), Muggz ( Rapper ) and Nomakhomazi ( film director ). I didn’t do much styling on the cast but had fun art directing the display window at Ritual store in Newtown. Siphiwe Nkosi did the photography.This campaign never saw the light of day because the company that tried to bring these kicks in were a bunch of douchebags who didn’t wanna spend money to make money. Talking that yea we can’t really pay you what you want but this is the beginning of more to come. You know what i think – FUCK YOU PAY ME!!!

HYPE magazine shoot

This was a fun shoot. The male model ( JR of ‘Make the circle Beeega’ fame) didn’t pitch up for the shoot and i was the only black guy on set who also happened to rap. Destiny? Maybe. So Jurie ( Photographer ) and Simma ( Editor ) begged me to fill in. They didn’t have to beg too much coz i do lurv the camera and they knew it. So i ended up styling and posing for the shoot. The theme was taken from the Wu-Tang Clan joint – You can’t party your life away, drink your life away, Fuck your life away, smoke you life away etc

Ymag anniversary cover


This particular issue went on to become the highest selling issue for this publication. I wonder why? ( thinking man pose ) Yes i am that good. And i remember Lungsta was the most flexible out of the trio. He just let me do my thing and we rode with it. Boom!

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